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The Deployment Bunny


WIM2VHD using a PowerShell script (plus 2 more, WIMINFO and MakeVM-Diff scripts)

  Skriven av Mikael Nystrom , 07 May 2012 · 3216 visningar
nyström, deployment, mdt, script
The Story

When using Hyper-V you need a VHD, so the correct way for creating a VHD is to use MDT 2012 (Lite Touch) and I do that for my production servers, but in some cases you do not have the deployment solution in a pocket, you just need the standard wim file converted into a bootable VHD file so you can use that as a template. Then when you...


IT Camp Sweden – Private Cloud (Agenda Windows Server 8 Beta dagen)

  Skriven av Mikael Nystrom , 04 May 2012 · 1071 visningar
nyström, deployment, mdt, script
IT Camp Sweden – Private Cloud
Windows Server 8 Beta (2012) – Fokus på Hyper-V.
Den här dagen lägger vi allt fokus på Windows Server 8 Beta (eller Windows Server 2012 som den kommer att heta när den släpps) under förmiddagen går vi igenom alla nya funktioner som relaterar till Private Cloud funktioner såsom lagring, nätverk, hög...


Modelalias User Exit for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010/2012

  Skriven av Mikael Nystrom , 01 May 2012 · 1974 visningar
nyström, deployment, mdt, script
No, I did not create this script, I think this has been around for a long time, somewhere around 2007 and correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it was Ben Hunter that started this back in the days. I have then seen this at the Deployment Guys and various other TechNet sites I did some updates to it since I do a lot of OS deployment in virtual...