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PowerShell is King – Read HP Bios Sensor data from WMI

  Skriven av Mikael Nystrom , 16 March 2016 · 2085 visningar

<p>I was bored in my hotel room and I ended up browsing WMI, found one cool/fun thing. I have a EliteBook 8570w and it turns out that HP uses WMI to store data and that makes it possible to read the data using PowerShell of course. Here is how:</p>
<p>Read HP Bios Sensor data from WMI using PowerShell</p>
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<p>So, here is the actual code for you to copy:</p>
<pre class="brush: powershell; title: ; notranslate">

#Read HP Bios Sensor data from WMI using PowerShell
$BIOSSensor = Get-WmiObject -Class HP_BIOSSensor -Namespace roothpinstrumentedbios
$BIOSSensor | Select-Object Name,CurrentState,CurrentReading,Description

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