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Sublime for Powershell

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 03 December 2013 · 2155 visningar

If you’re using Sublime, maybe for other code-writing, I did see this post from Iris Classon about add-ons for Powershell.
Combine powers
For me who also does web-programming and other things Sublime is an excellent tool and since I also...


MAP Toolkit 9 Beta

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 03 December 2013 · 1207 visningar

If you’re working close with products that Microsoft releases I’m sure you have already seen this.
Otherwise I can only recommend you to get it. It’s pretty good in collecting data (even if you’re not going to change things).
Easy to use, easy to get information and an excellent way to retrieve information about your...


Certificate for Host servers Windows Server 2012

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 07 August 2013 · 12683 visningar

This took me a long time to google before I found information about the real story for certificates for session hosts.
You deploy certificates within your deployment but these are not transferred to RDP-tcp connection on your session hosts and therefore you get a certificate error about a self-made certificate.
To solve this create a certificate...


TechEd Europe Day 0 #TEE13

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 24 June 2013 · 1170 visningar

Today was PreConference day and I went to PRC03 – Implementing Next Generation Infrastructure Solutions with Windows Server 2012 with Corey Hynes
It was a good session I believe. No news really as he went through mostly Server 2012 as of today and not something that will be in next release but still a good session and of course he did talk...


No Static Pool IP Addresses problem – Server 2012 Direct Access

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 27 May 2013 · 6573 visningar

With Server 2012 Remote Access strange things can happen Postad bild
Had an error with my Direct Access, it could not load the configuration as it said RRAS was configured to use Static IP Address Pool but no addresses were defined.
Ok, strange since I have never selected...


BPA: Protected from accidental deletion

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 23 May 2013 · 1138 visningar

If you like me want to clear BPA errors and you get this on your AD-server:
All OUs in this domain should be protected from accidental deletion


2013-05-21 06:16:50


Some organizational units (OUs) in...


Export/Import DHCP 2012

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 20 May 2013 · 1185 visningar

Nowadays everything is going to be PowerShell but since I was working with 2003 servers and not sure about PS-support I was going old style with migrating DHCP from Server 2003 to 2012
Thought I just share howto as a future reference (yepp, there is more 2003-servers out there...


TechEd 2013 in Madrid

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 15 April 2013 · 1031 visningar

Postad bild
See you there? http://gjohansson.co...ats-post-id=157



Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 14 March 2013 · 1121 visningar

These are now available for download from Microsoft.
They are also in all languages so you can work with same policies whatever language you prefer to use for creating policies for your organisation.
Download: http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=36991...


Why don’t I see all GPO settings on my Windows Server 2012

  Skriven av Göran fantomen Johansson , 10 March 2013 · 1836 visningar

This seems as a fairly common question so I’ll post it here for future references.
This is same thing for Windows 7/Server 2008 (not sure when they changed this).
Anyway Server 2012 contains all admx files for, you got it right, server.
And therefore Windows 8 contains all admx-files for, right again, client.
This means that when you start with...