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Markus Lassfolk's Blogg


DVBLogic channel logos for Kodi

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 29 November 2016 · 187 visningar

I’ve used Kodi (xbmc) as frontend for my DVBLogic (DVBLink) TV-Server backend. Which is working great, but I wanted to enhance the experience a bit and get channel logos for all my channels to show in the tv-listing and in EPG view.There were unfortunately no packs of Swedish channel logos available, so I made a small powershell script that...


Error 500 in Azure Pack when using ADFS

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 19 August 2016 · 250 visningar

I’ve had a couple of customers lately who’s had sudden issues with Azure Pack reporting a error 500 when used in combination with ADFS after logging on.It’s because the ADFS Certificate has been updated and the thumbprint in WAP doesn’t match the one presented from ADFS anymore.Mark has made a great post about it here (all...


Enable driver verifier for all none-microsoft drivers with powershell

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 04 July 2016 · 216 visningar

I’ve been doing some debugging for a customer, who has multiple industrial Client PC’s who are rebooting regularly. And to get more information in the memory dumps I had a need to configure the system to do a complete memory dump but also to enable extra verification of all drivers in the system to find the cause of the...


Swedish Windows Azure Stack User Group

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 17 June 2016 · 229 visningar

For my Swedish community members who’s interested in Microsoft Azure Stack. There is now a Swedish Windows Azure Stack User Group on Facebook, where we share knowledge, information and discuss everything around Microsoft Azure Stack and Windows Azure Pack.Welcome to join! https://www.facebook...ps/MASUGSWE/...


Addition to new-wifimac address script

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 30 May 2016 · 402 visningar

A reader asked if there was a way to reset the mac-address to the original value after using my script to set a random MAC address. But also if it’s possible to schedule the script to run every XX minutes as the local coffee shop restricts internet access to 15 minutes per custo…ehh sorry, per MAC Address!Here is a small function to...


Change MAC Address with PowerShell of a Wireless Adapter

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 18 March 2016 · 372 visningar

As I mentioned in my post a week ago, I’m commuting each day and there is a 200MB Quota on the Wireless Network. Luckily it’s based on the MAC Address of the WiFi Card, so it’s quite easy to get another 200MB Quota if you want  Here is my small powershell script that automatically Releases the IP Address, set’s a new...


Block a Service (BITS) when on Wireless and specific Subnet

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 09 March 2016 · 280 visningar

I’m commuting by train each day, working. The train has a free wireless network, but it’s limited to 200MB traffic, and is then reduced to snail speed. Luckily, it’s restricted by MAC-Address so it’s quite easy to get another 200MB when you run out
Though, yesterday, I ran out of my 200MB quota in less than 7 minutes,...


Should the image contain hotfixes or not?

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 09 February 2016 · 300 visningar

One more post in my WSUS/Hotfix series of blogposts. I’ve been asked a couple of times how we approve Hotfixes and if we include them in the images.I’ve made an Autoapproval Rule where we approve all Hotfixes automatically to the various Computer Groups with a Deadline, like this.And this is how the details looks like;First of all, any...


Semi-Automatic Hotfix import into WSUS

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 09 February 2016 · 271 visningar

One of my blogreaders, Andreas Fjellner, came up with a way to make the import of hotfixes a bit faster than copy and paste.You can download a XML file with all the Hotfixes I’ve got imported so you don’t have to do a findstr or excel filtering from the previous blogpost, the XML file contains the same list as shown here List of...


Importing Hotfixes and Drivers directly into WSUS

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 04 February 2016 · 247 visningar

I got a comment on my previous blogpost.Could you please clarify the import bit with paste:ing the uri into Wsus IE.
If you paste the Uri into the address field it wants do dowload the update and not import it.You are right, I was very unclear about that and should have explained it, thanks for asking Patrik.This process can be used to import...