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Markus Lassfolk's Blogg


How to set DPM Azure Throttling with Powershell

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 12 March 2018 · 47 visningar

When you set the System Center DPM setting for Azure throttling via GUI, you have to do the full wizard and also enter the azure passphrase to save the settings.If you happen to not have the key handy or for some other reason want to do it via Powershell, here is the command.$Cloud =...


Use DHCP Scope info to build DNS Reverse Lookup Zones and configure DNS with Powershell

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 01 March 2018 · 50 visningar

I had a customer with more than 60 DHCP Scopes but all DNS Reverse Lookup Zones were unfortunately not created, configured and/or consisted of a lot of old invalid static records. And in addition both the Primary and Reverse Zones were containing a lot of old Name Servers.Here is the scripts I ran to fix the issues. Just remove the -whatif to...


Failover Cluster – An error was encountered while loading the network topology

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 25 February 2018 · 108 visningar

Sharing and friendly reminder for myself as I will for sure run into this problem again in the future.When creating a Windows Failover Cluster, you get this error message (btw, did you know you can Ctrl+C copy the text from a dialog box and paste like this);[Window Title]Error[Main Instruction]The operation has failed.[Content]An error was...


Using Azure DNS for Dynamic DNS with PowerShell

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 02 February 2018 · 80 visningar

I’ve been using DynDNS and other Free DNS Services for  some time, but as they are getting harder and harder to use for free. Like you need to remember to logon and click a button once a month and what not. I figured it was time to migrate to Azure DNS instead. Being able to use PowerShell to handle my DNS together with everything...


How to solve EVENT ID 1202 SceCli 0x57 Parameter is incorrect

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 26 January 2018 · 121 visningar

Customer is repeatedly getting this Event ID on all Servers and Clients, especially on the Domain Controllers being logged every 5 minute.Warning 1/26/2018 3:08:15 PM SceCli 1202 NoneLog Name:      ApplicationSource:        SceCliDate:          1/26/2018 3:08:15 PMEvent ID:      1202Task Category: NoneLevel:         WarningKeywords:     ...


KB4048953 and KB4049065 fails to install (hungs). How to fix it.

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 28 November 2017 · 210 visningar

We had a server which failed to install Windows Server / Windows 10 Service Update and November 2017 updates with the names KB4049065 and KB4048953 through Windows Update. The installation simply never completed and it looked like it hung.Rather than go through all the various (failed) steps I did to troubleshoot it, I’ll just tell how to...


WSUS Maintenance script for TechDays audience

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 25 October 2017 · 128 visningar

WSUS Maintenance script for TechDays audience Function Invoke-Exe{         param(                 [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()]        [string]        $Executable,                 [string]        $Arguments    )   ...


Get GeoLocation with PowerShell and set NTP Server in a GPO

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 06 July 2017 · 225 visningar

Using Powershell to locate your Geographical Location with the help of GeoLocation (IP-Address) is quite easy, cool and useful!When we build Private and Hybrid Clouds across the globe in various countries and continents I want to make sure the Active Directory PDC Emulator is using a valid time source based on that location.GeoLocation with...


Azure Stack packaging and pricing

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 06 July 2017 · 161 visningar

Microsoft has finally released the pricing for Microsoft Azure Stack.
It’s long been known that MAS (Microsoft Azure Stack) would be prices on a Pay-as-you-go model just like Azure but we’ve not known the exact price so far. HPE revealed the price for the hardware a few weeks ago and it’s been said to be between 300-400.000 USD...


How to delete files in a userprofile with Group Policy Preferences

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 05 July 2017 · 194 visningar

As a follow up to my post about How to automatically Hide “Configure this local server” in Server Manager. I mentioned it’s possible to remove the individual user.config files in various ways to reset the behavior and hide the Welcome Tile. You can easily do that with a GPO like...