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Markus Lassfolk's Blogg


Script to change from Dynamic to Static MAC Address on all VMs

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 26 August 2015 · 18 visningar

A customer had a lot of VM’s with Dynamic MAC address, rather than the preferred method of using Static MAC addresses.
Here is a small powershell script that will shutdown each of the VM’s with a Dynamic MAC Address, change to a Static MAC Address and then start the VM.
I’m running the script on the System Center Virtual Machine...


Import a Cryptographic New Generation (CNG) certificate as a Legacy cert to use with ADFS

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 24 August 2015 · 21 visningar

The current version of ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services for Windows Server 2012 R2) unfortunately does not support Cryptographic New Generation (CNG) Certificates.
Though if you already have a CNG cert, and does not want to re-request a legacy cert from your provider, it’s possible to import a CNG as a  Legacy cert by using this...


URL Rewrite (redirect) of HTTP to HTTPS with Powershell script

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 23 August 2015 · 31 visningar

When deploying Web Application Proxy as a frontend to for example ADFS and Windows Azure Pack, or other services, the current version of Web AppProxy only supports HTTPS urls. It’s possible to use the “URL Rewrite” module for IIS to redirect users from HTTP to HTTPS. There are plenty of guides on internet on how to do that.
But I...


Automatically Assign Availability Set Names to VMs with Powershell

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 12 August 2015 · 58 visningar

This blog-post is about using System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) Availability Sets to spread similar VM’s to different Hyper-V Hosts to increase reliability both when using Failover Clustering, and when using stand-alone Hyper-V hosts.First of all, what is Availability Sets?
In SCVMM 2012 SP1, Microsoft added Availability Sets....


VM Usage History fixed in UR7

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 12 August 2015 · 48 visningar

I just noticed that the VM Usage History has been fixed in UR7. It’s been broken as long as I remember and used to only show the last 3 days of data, even if you selected 1 month. I don’t think it was mentioned in the ChangeLog for UR7?Yay!



Uninstall old SCDPM Agents with Powershell on all Servers

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 10 August 2015 · 47 visningar

When you want to add a server to Microsoft Data Protection manager to be managed (backup), it might already contain an old DPM Agent, which prevents the installation from going through. SCDPM will tell you to manually use Add/Remove Programs on each server and uninstall the old agent.To find all servers in the environment with an old SCDPM Version...


Update SCVMM Agent with Powershell

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 10 August 2015 · 45 visningar

I just updated our System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 Environment to Update Release 7. SCVMM would then report that the SCVMM Managed Computers has an Out-of-Date Agent which need to be upgraded.It’s possible to do it manually by right clicking on each server and choose “Update Agent” or use this short powershell...


Microsoft Fabric (datacenter and private cloud) related Hotfixes

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 17 July 2015 · 97 visningar

Here is the list of Hotfixes I’m deploying in our production environment and that I deployed regularly at customer. Those production environments are a Fabric (Private Cloud) running Hyper-V, Storage Spaces, SOFS, ADFS, Domain Controllers, Azure Pack, System Center, SQL Servers, and more, yes everything you need in a Fabric. Though not...


Set or change Owner on a VMM for SCVMM and Azure Pack

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 15 July 2015 · 75 visningar

Here is a updated script for modifying the owner of a VM, and/or to make it show up in Azure Pack. For a VM that’s been created in VMM to show up in AzurePack, it has to be assigned to a (not part of these scripts) Cloud and a subscription has to be added as owner to the VM (this is done by the scripts below).Here is the original post:...


Migrate VMs to another Hostgroup via SCVMM and Powershell

  Skriven av Markus Lassfolk , 15 July 2015 · 42 visningar

Earlier this week I had a need to move a lot of VM’s from a couple of Hosts to another cluster. And instead of doing it one by one in VMM (Virtual Machine Manager), I wrote a small quick and dirty script that I had not really planned on publishing. Though a customer had a need for that script today, so I figured more people might need...